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Tired of the hassle and potential risks that come with manual window cleaning? Meet your new partner in pristine windows, the Ultra Thin Robot Window Cleaner. This innovative device is designed to redefine the way you maintain sparkling, streak-free windows.

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1 host1 power cord + adapter,1 remote control1 battery pair2 pairs of cleaning rings (4)1 extension of 4 meters1 safety rope10 cleaning cloths1 manual (or English manual)


1.Wait 20 seconds after starting up until the blue light stop flashing,Then start working. Because the robot need 20sec to detect the glass plane.

2. Binding the safety rope when using, Prevent falling from high altitude.

3. Spray some water on the edge of the Mop when working, will be better effect.

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Introducing the Ultra Thin Robot Window Cleaner – Your Window to Effortless and Spotless Cleaning

Key Features:

1. Ultra-Thin Design: With its sleek and ultra-thin profile, this robot effortlessly glides over your windows, reaching even the tightest corners for a comprehensive clean.

2. Dual Functionality: Say goodbye to handwashing windows. This robot serves as both a window cleaner and a handy vacuum, allowing you to save precious time and effort.

3. Intelligent Navigation: Equipped with advanced sensors and precise mapping technology, the robot charts your window surfaces with precision, ensuring no spot is missed while avoiding the risk of falling.

4. Efficiency and Thoroughness: Thanks to its powerful suction and dedicated window-cleaning functions, the Ultra Thin Robot Window Cleaner ensures your windows are left not just clean but also free from streaks or residue.

5. Wireless Control: Operate the robot with ease using a convenient remote control or even via your smartphone. Enjoy the freedom to direct your cleaning routine from anywhere, at any time.

6. Safety and Reliability: Built-in safety features and fall prevention mechanisms guarantee peace of mind as your windows are cleaned to perfection.

7. Space-Saving Elegance: This compact and unobtrusive robot is designed to save space while providing you with crystal-clear, spotless windows.

8. Effortless Living: The Ultra Thin Robot Window Cleaner takes the chore out of window cleaning, allowing you to focus on more important things in life while maintaining a beautifully clean living environment.

Embrace Effortless Window Cleaning

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Ultra Thin Robot Window Cleaner. Make window cleaning a breeze, enjoy sparkling, clear windows, and free up your time for the things you love.

Bid farewell to the days of strenuous window cleaning and welcome the future of hassle-free window maintenance. Order the Ultra Thin Robot Window Cleaner today and see your world through spotless, crystal-clear windows.

The whole machine has passed CE, FCC, ROHS quality testing and certification;

The power supply passes the CCC, CE, FCC, UL, ROHS safety testing and certification;

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