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ThermoCharger Jacket

ThermoCharger Jacket

WINTER IS COMING, and with it comes the need for warmth and connectivity in the chilliest of seasons. The ThermoCharger Jacket, a revolutionary garment that combines cutting-edge technology with fashion-forward design. Stay cozy and keep your devices powered up in style, as we redefine winter wear for the modern age.


this jacket keeps you confidently dry, so you can embrace the outdoors without worry.

100% SAFE

Crafted with the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards, it offers 100% safety assurance. From its flame-resistant construction to its meticulously tested heating elements, you can wear the ThermoCharger Jacket with confidence, knowing that your well-being is safeguarded.


- Warm gear 45°

-Comfort gear 35°

-Energy gear 25°


It's easy to clean and maintain. It's machine washable and generally doesn't require special care instructions.

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Brand Name: PHMAX

Material: Polyester

Voltage: 3.8-5V

Gear: 3

Rechargeble or not: YES

Suitable for season: Autumn & Winter

Material: Polyester

Style: Smart Heating Jacket

Warm Gear: 45℃

Comfortable Gear: 35℃

Energy Saving Gear: 25℃

Feature 1: One key heating, three gear temperature control

Feature 2: Machine washable, hand washable

Note 1: Do not wring it by hand

Note 2: Mobile power needs to be connected

Note 3: Mobile power supply needs to be provided by yourself


*1. 9 Heating zones: back, neck, shoulder, waist, both sides of the abdomen. When the power is turned on, the whole body can feel the warm.

*2. 1 Minute fast heat, dispelling cold and keeping you warm.

*3. Set the temperature you want to respond to a variety of environments.

*4. A button to heating, three stall temperature control, intelligent heating.

*5. It can be washed by machine and can be washed by hand. Do not wring it by hand.

*6. General USB interface power supply, longer service life, anti-water splashing and washable.


  1. In the heart of winter's grasp, the ThermoCharger Jacket is your shield,
  2. Its built-in warmth, a comforting embrace you'll never yield.
  3. With USB-powered heat, it ensures your body stays snug,
  4. Fending off the cold, like a warm, protective hug.
  5. Why settle for chills when you can be toasty and well,
  6. A warm body thrives, your adventures it'll propel.
  7. Through frigid storms and frosty nights, this jacket will be your guide,
  8. Embrace the warmth, let it transform your winter stride.

Note :
1. The product does not include power banks. You need to use 5V/2A power bank.

2. Do not wring it by hand.





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