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Gel Nail remover

Gel Nail remover

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Item Type:Steam Polish Removal
Voltage:12V 3A


1.100% Brand new and high quality

2.Ergonomic design, simple, comfortable and convenient

3.Safe and harmless. This steam-off nail polish remover is portable and will not harm your skin

4.One-button operation, three-color guide light prompt, automatical and do not bother.

5.5 nails polish on fingers can be cleaned disposable, removing the gel in a short time

6.The combination of heat and vapor helps to soften the gel nail polish, lift and slide off the nails easily

7.Easily remove all nail polish, daily cat eye glue, glue, candy gel, one-step glue, etc.

8.Suitable for home,manicure store and etc.


1*Main Machine
1*Power Cord


1.Open the top cover of the steamer

2.Pour into 5 - 10ml gel removal solution

3.File the top coat gently

4.Turn on the power switch, then the light“H”will on, after a while ( about 2 minutes ), the light“S”will on, at that time you can put your fingers into 5 holes

5.The LED gel can be removed easily after 5 minutes, but for the extension UV gel, it will take 10 minutes to finish, and the max. temperature is 52 Deg.C

6.Use the nail stick to remove gel polish quickly before it gets dry ( within 15 minutes is better )






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Unlock Beautiful Nails: 10 Compelling Reasons to Get Our Gel Nail Remover

  1. Efficient Gel Removal: Gel nail UV removers are specifically designed to efficiently and effectively remove gel nail polish, saving you time and effort.
  2. Gentle on Nails: These removers are formulated to be gentle on your natural nails, helping to prevent damage or weakening.
  3. No Need for Filing: You can avoid the time-consuming and potentially damaging process of filing off gel polish, as the UV remover does the job more smoothly.
  4. Convenient Home Use: Gel nail UV removers allow you to enjoy salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home, saving you trips to the nail salon.
  5. Preserves Nail Health: By eliminating the need for excessive scraping or filing, these removers help maintain the overall health and integrity of your nails.
  6. Time and Money Saver: With UV gel removers, you can extend the life of your gel manicures, reducing the frequency of salon visits and the associated costs.
  7. Less Mess: Gel nail UV removers often come in convenient liquid or pad form, reducing the mess and hassle of traditional removal methods.
  8. Versatile Use: These removers work well on a variety of gel nail types, making them a versatile solution for different nail designs and styles.
  9. Professional Results: Achieve professional-level results in the comfort of your home, ensuring your nails look great and stay healthy.
  10. Clean Finish: Gel nail UV removers leave your nails clean and ready for your next nail art adventure, whether it's a new gel manicure or a fresh coat of polish.