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CineStream Pro 4K

CineStream Pro 4K

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Experience cinematic brilliance at home with the CineStream Pro 4K. Dive into 4K visuals, captivating sound, and a universe of apps. Redefine home entertainment now!

✨ 4K Ultra High Definition ✨

Turn your living room into a personal cinematic haven. Dive into a captivating viewing experience, whether it's movie nights or binge-watching your cherished series, all on a grand 4K screen.

📶 Versatility in Connectivity 📶

Our projector provides an extensive array of connection possibilities, such as multiple HDMI ports, USB, and SD card slots. Whether you're linking gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or external storage devices, we have your connectivity needs fully addressed.

🎵 Crystal Clear Audio 🎵

Powerful built-in speakers that deliver clear and immersive sound. You can also connect external audio devices for a theater-like auditory experience.

🤖 Android Operating System 🤖

Unlock a boundless realm of apps at your command, encompassing streaming services, gaming, and productivity tools. Bid farewell to external gadgets; everything you need is right at your fingertips, empowering you with seamless access to a world of possibilities.

Plug Type


-Native resolution: 1280*720P ,Max Support 1080P 2K 4K decoding use HD signal

-Wireless: 2.4G & 5G WiFi

-Operating system: Android 11.0


-CPU: Quad-core ARM-Cortex-A53

-GPU:Mali-G31 supports OpenGL ES3.2,Vulkan 1.1 and OpenCL2.0

-Bluetooth compatible: BT 4.1

-Contrast ratio: 1500:1-Support for Airplay, Miracast, Mirror screen

-Projection screen size: 40-130 inches-Automatic correction*

-Audio file: MP3/WMA/ACC* -Image file: JPG,BMP,PNG, image scaling support*

Video file: Full format decoding, including HEVC/VP9/AVS2/AVC 4K @ 30fps and MPEG1/MPEG2/AV1 1080p/ 60fps decoding and so on



Remote control × 1

Power cable × 1 EU

User manual×1


1 * HDMI: HDMI Input 2.01

* USB: USB 2.0 Support USB hard drive data reading1

* Earphone: Audio output, 3.5mm connection (can connect with earphone or speaker box)1

* AC input: DC 19V 3A & OTG

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